We have a variety of products which you can contact us about and get an estimate. We can give you the latest details based on seasonal availability, harvest timings and freshness.

Yarsagumba / Cordyceps Sinensis
– Grades A,B,C and Stemless available

We have a vast range of products from the Himalayas and feel free to ask us if you want us to find/source one that is not shown.

Himalayan Sandalwood,
Picrorhiza kurroa(Kutki root),
Fritillaria cirrhosa(Himalayan fritillary),
Dipsacus asperoides(Teasel),
Nardostachys jatamansi(Himalayan spiknard/jatamansi)
Wild Himalayan Honey,
Wild Himalayan Bay Leaves.

And so many more you can just ask us.
We can track it down for you.