Why our products are the best

Our products come directly from the villages in the Himalayan regions of Nepal with only best in mind for our customers.


Get in touch and we are ready to get you prices and seasonal availability of all our products. We will keep you up to date personally.


Only the best for our cutomer. Nothing else will suffice. We painstakingly source our products to make sure you will only get the best.


All our products are wild and organic herbs hand picked by Nepalese natives living in the high altitude reaches of the Nepali Himalayan mountain range.

About Us

We are a company focused on quality herbal remedies directly from our home country of Nepal. We are extremely focused on picking our supplies and supplier directly from the villages where our herbs are found. We make sure these come to us in perfect condition and we are proud to provide only the best for our customers.

The Himalayan region has an amazingly rich culture and vast quantities of untapped herbal remedies which we wish to bring to the world and to you our customers.

Range of Products

We have a vast range of products from the Himalayas and feel free to ask us if you want us to find/source one that is not shown. We can track it down for you.

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